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  • Castel |Big Size Full  body Ceramic Marble Tile



    Castel |Big Size Full body Ceramic Marble Tile

    Looking at the development of ceramic tiles in recent years, with its more realistic decorative effect and superior performance, all-round marble ceramic tiles are constantly sought after by consumers and become a star category in the ceramic tile industry. The decoration market has a good prospect. Castel ceramics, which has a faster layout, is focusing on positioning higher-end all-in-one large-scale categories. All-in-one large-scale ceramic tiles have become a new favorite in today's ceramic tile industry because they are more in line with the light luxury style pursued by high-end people. Castel, as the forerunner of all-in-one marble tiles, took advantage of the trend and invested heavily in the transformation of the production line, becoming one of the enterprises with the ability to independently produce "all-in-one large-size tiles". Castel ceramic's advanced productivity has brought a breakthrough in large-scale ceramic tiles and improved the overall performance. Castel's large-scale ceramic tiles 1000X1000mm and 600x1200mm have created a leading core technology and redefined the reduction degree, texture luster, texture level and brick hardness of marble! And truly create a "whole world" of ceramic tiles belonging to Castel. Compared with the new generation of full body large-size ceramic tile technology, it is not only inherited, but also surpassed, and even revolutionary progress. Full body large-size ceramic tiles have unique materials and colors, more realistic textures, more wear-resistant products, more consistent inside and outside, full body big world and shocking space. For hundr

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    Terrazzo Deco | Authentic visual and Tactile experience

    The terrazzo Deco Tiles produced by Castel use advanced 3D inkjet technology based on a perfect balance between technical performance and aesthetic research, it organically combines stone, wood grain and terrazzo on one ceramic tile. There are four random combinations of different patterns, which looks simple but have a strong sense of fashion. INFORMATION Item No: TD-1/TD-2/TD-3/TD-4 Specification: 600x600mm Description: Porelain Tile for floor and wall Finish: Matte Surface Advantage: Wearing resistant,acid-resistant,durability,easy to clean.

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    CASTEL Team Back from CNY Holiday

    HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! The year of the Tiger We have back from CNY holiday Please kindly note that Foshan Castel IMP&EXP Co.,Ltd has back from CNY holiday, and service are always open 24/7/365. All CASTEL team members are working as normal, We can always discuss products, designs, orders, services.

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    Polar Blue Collection:Industrial Wind Decoration Style

    POLAR BLUE series porcelain tiles produced by Castel shows a collection with special personality, able to shape the soul of environments that are strong in character, unique and out of the ordinary, where time has left its mark with glazes, patinas, filtering and rippling. Also this collection responds to this new fashionable trend with industrial wind decoraton style. Which represents a choice of character for residential and commercial settings with a simple, elegant and industrial look. Combining elegance and industrial character, this is the perfect setting for an eclectic mix of furniture and accessories in shabby chic style, as well as significant blue colour contrasts for a new perspective on the past. Taking inspiration from the metal, and made from high quality porcelain constructure make sure this tile is hard wearing, abrasive resistant, stain proof and easy to clean.

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    Sandstone Collection | 60*60cm Rustic porcelain tiles

    Sandstone series produced by Castel responds to this new fashionable trend with a range of stone-effect porcelain floor tiles and matching wall tiles that offers a contemporary reinterpretation of the decisive elegance with grey, beige, black color. This new collection represents a choice of character for residential and commercial settings with a simple, elegant and solid look. The porcelain tile collection is available in Matte and Rough finishing with three colors, lending itself to various applications both for interior and outdoor floors thanks to the anti-slip finish. The collection has an extremely realistic surface and is available in three coordinated colors, accompanied by the rough elegance of the three-dimensional sandstone texture on the surface of the tiles. Made from high quality porcelain constructure make sure this tile is hard wearing, abrasive resistant, stain proof and easy to clean.

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    MILAN Series:900*1800 mm Modern Porcelain Tile

    MILAN is the collection designed to modern environments with a contemporary elegance with calming tones, giving life to pleasant atmospheres. Castel develop new porcelain tile for the world of contemporary and decorative design: MILAN, the collection designed to clad spaces with soft colors and delicate cloth textures, ideal for those who love solutions with a contemporary, refined design. The collection's development was based on soft cloth with different colors. So this collection is widely used in interior design and that can be easily combined with other furnishing elements. MILAN is capable of reinterpreting color with a new idea of style, including pure colors and relief cloth textures. The collection also features a rich selection of decorative themes with a refined, contemporary style. This can offer sophisticated, modern, and balanced solutions for the walls of contemporary designer spaces.

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    LIMBA SERIES-200*1000mm-Wooden Look Tile

    The mark of time, the precipitation of years A baptism of four seasons Like a beautiful picture Interpretation of different brilliance wins [Wood" Wood look porcelain tiles are very popular in these recent years. Many people want to use antique real wood flooring but it is very expensive, and our Limba Series Wood Effect Tile gives you an option to get the same look without the associated cost. Unlike solid wood flooring, tiles can not only maintain the real wood texture, but also overcome the shortages of real wood. Castel developed a new design of wooden tiles in 13th,October,2021 Year. Now let`s have a look at these new products. INSPRATION Originating from the love for natural precious wood, Italian design masters and Castel R&D Team are devoted to this masterpieces, taking the design inspiration from the Indonesian natural hardwood, integrating the texture of wood into every piece of tile, restoring the true color of solid wood and bringing the vitality of nature into your home.

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    CONCRETE SERIES-600x600mm- Cement Tiles

    Across the dimension of time, Art extends imagination, Does not stick to a vision, Pursues aesthetic artistic conception, Creates a new enjoyment of life. This concrete series (60x60cm)features with mottled traces, matte surfaces, simple and elegant colors, every detail highlights the attitude of exquisite life and interprets the modern charm of fashion. INSPRATION Italian designer cooperated with Castel's Design and R & D team is devoted to produce this concrete effect tiles, takes texture art and dimensional aesthetics as the design inspiration, retains the cement texture, uses imported glaze to create a unique cement series, and the unique texture creates a new visual and tactile experience

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    Castel: 80x80 cm Porcelain Tiles Passed Quality Inspection

    80x80 cm Glazed Porcelain Tiles made by Castel passed the test of quality inspection successfully by Comprehensive Technology Centre of Foshan Customs on 16th, September,2021. This test is inspected by the State Key Testing Laboratory of Building Ceramics and Sanitary Ware. Inspired by the natural stone, these 80x80cm matte finishing tile features with realistic marble texture. The details of this tiles is as following: Item No: MF8001M (MARFILIA SERIES)

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    2021 New Products Release: 600x600mm Porcelain Tile with 6 Finishes (Star Light Series)

    Brought to you by Castel Tiles is the Exlcusive and On Trend indoor & outdoor tile. Give your exteriors that natural look with white color and 10mm thick porcelain floor tiles that looks simple but classic . Made from premuim Porcelain, this tile is hard wearing, long lasting and easy to clean while requiring no maintenance and being suitable for use in wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens or even outdoor patios. The avaliable finishes: Polish.Matte.Stain.Lappato.Slate texture.Sandstone texture. You can choose the different finishes according to your requirements. With an anti-slip rating of R11 for slate and sandstone texture surface, these tile brings a surefooted surface that's going to be safe throughout the year, able to cope with all weather conditions. An ideal choice for those wanting to create a neutral, tranquil aesthetic in their exteriors, the 60x60 white color with different finishes features the subtle shading characteristic of sandstone and rock for a truly organic look.

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    Castel:Participated in 37th Foshan Cerambath Fair

    China (Foshan) International Ceramics and sanitary ware Expo, hereinafter referred to as "Foshan Cerambath Fair", is organized by Foshan China Ceramic City Group Co., Ltd. Since October 18, 2002, it has been held twice a year in spring and autumn, and has been held for 37 times. It is not only the market vane of Chinese ceramics and sanitary products, but also the Chinese home of ceramic sanitary ware in the world. The 37th Foshan cerambath Fair (Autumn) will be held in 18th-21th,October, 2021.The details of the fair is as following: Exhibition Name:The 37th China (Foshan) International Ceramics and sanitary ware Expo Exhibition time: October 18-21, 2021 Organizers: China Building and Sanitary Ceramics Association, China Ceramic Industry Association, Foshan Chancheng District People's Government Organizer: Foshan China Ceramic City Group Co., Ltd Exhibition scale: more than 300000 square meters, more than 700 exhibitors Exhibition positioning: world brand China stage Exhibition theme: the world stage of Chinese ceramic and sanitary ware

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    Wooden tiles advantages and disadvantages

    Wood look tiles become the popular flooring materials that used in decoration in the recent years. It could be a good alternative to hardwood floors? Natural hardwood is a classic choice for flooring, but it`s pricey and easy to scratch and stain. Also hardwood floors need a lot of maintenance if you want to keep them always new. Wood look tile flooring is a beautiful and popular option that used in house decoration with many benefits. We will find out the wood look tile flooring advantages and disadvantages to help you make an right decision when you decorate your house. Advantages of wooden tiles 1. With high-quality ink-jet printers to print the unique grain patterns onto the ceramic tile, so it has better wooden texture, and looks more like the natural hardwood. You can use the wood look tile instead of the expensive hardwood floors. Wood look porcelain tile is realistic, affordable and low maintenance. 2. It`s Durable and not easy to scratch or stain, and also not readily absorb moisture. 3. Wood tiles don`t contain any harmful chemical compounds, and they are recyclable. 4. Many wood design and colors can be p

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    Introduction of ceramic tile production process

    When purchasing ceramic tiles, many consumers must be curious about the production process of ceramic tiles: how is it produced? China has a long history and many brilliant achievements in ceramic production, so the technologies of various enterprises are different. Next, We will introduce the ceramic tile production process in detail. 1. Raw material selection Raw materials entering the warehouse shall be inspected, mainly including sampling, cake beating and trial firing, physical property testing, chemical analysis and other steps. The raw material inspector shall detect the moisture of the samples; then, the tester will pulverize, beat cake and test burn the sample according to the procedure, and test the whiteness, strength, water absorption and other physical properties of the sample cake after the test burn. At the same time, the tester will extract some powder from the pulverizing link for chemical analysis to test whether the content of various chemical components in the raw materials meet the process and technical requirements of the factory 2. Powder preparation The process of powder preparation includes batching, ball milling, sifting, iron removal, mud homogenization, spray drying, powder making and bunker stale. Firstly, weigh the corresponding raw materials according to the process formula (inc

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    How to choose the right kitchen wall tiles

    Many people are very tangled about what kind of tiles to choose when decorating the house, especially the wall tiles in the kitchen. They should be good-looking and clean. Once the wrong tiles are selected, it will be too troublesome to remove them and re-install them. Therefore, when decorating the house, don't choose the wrong tiles in the kitchen, but choose them according to the situation of the kitchen. Today, I sorted out seven matching schemes for kitchen wall tiles.The kitchen can be so beautiful! Please refer to it. 1. Light color glazed polished tile There will be inevitably oil stains in the kitchen. If you want to clean better, you can choose glazed tiles with smoother surface and lighter colors, such as white or beige wall tiles. This kind of wall tiles is more versatile. Basically, it can be matched with any style of kitchen, and the price is relatively moderate. 2. Grey color wall tile

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    How to install and correct use of the ceramic toilet

    Toilets are used in every household as a sanitary product with a relatively high frequency of use. It is necessary to know that toilets on the market today have a humanized function and a good decorative effect, because these advantages are deeply loved by consumers. Next give you an introduction about how to install the toilet and how to use the toilet properly. How to install the toilet 1, how to install the ceramic toilet, when installing the toilet must be done first with a hacksaw or cornea according to the level of height 0.5 cm on it, then why should reserve 0.5 cm, in fact, there are reasons for it If the flange is not higher than 0.5cm when the toilet is installed, there is a possibility of water seepage. This is exactly 0.5cm. 2, we must remember to install the flange ring to install it in the place of the drain, this side to remind about, when installed or to force the flange ring to be done, we must ensure that it can be the toilet's water level of the paste level . 3, this time you can move the toilet to the installation port, in order to allow the toilet to install more tightly, then when the installation can allow a person to go sit for 5-10 minutes, this is to make the flange and the nozzle completely fit. 4, after the end of the press then you have to deal with the next glue, and here to share with you an experience, that is, a long time at ho

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    How to maintain the imitation wood tiles

    Many people think that wood flooring is not easy to care for and maintain, so in most homes, floor tiles are used in the living room. If you want to install wood flooring in the living room but are worried about not being easy to care for and maintain, then imitation wood floor tile is a good choice. What about imitation wood grain floor tiles ? How to maintain the imitation wood grain floor tiles ? What about imitation wood tiles ? 1. Tiles made of imitation wood-grained tiles are mainly made of ceramic materials. After a special process, they are made of a ceramic tile. This ceramic tile has the texture and texture of a wooden floor, and has the characteristics of wear resistance, water resistance, environmental protection, and easy care. So it is deeply loved by consumers. 2, In addition to imitation wood tiles have easy care, easy maintenance features, there are a variety of patterns and shapes, of course, there are many kinds of color. This type of tile gives consumers more types of choices, regardless of the style of the home, in the imitation wood grain brick can be select

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    The advantages and disadvantages of Thermostatic faucet

    The thermostatic faucet is one of the faucets. Its working principle is as follows: at the water outlet of the thermostatic faucet, a heat-sensitive temperature element is arranged, and the valve body in the control valve moves to block or open the cold and hot water inlet. When the temperature adjustment knob is set to a certain temperature, the thermostatic faucet adjusts the proportion of hot and cold water that enters the outlet, so that the outlet water temperature remains constant at all times. So the thermostatic faucet is not easy to use? What are the advantages and disadvantages? Advantages: 1. Automatic constant temperature: The thermostatic mixing valve has the function of automatic constant water temperature. After the outlet water temperature is set according to actual needs, the outlet water temperature can be quickly reached and automatically constant, independent of the cold and hot water inlet pressure, temperature or flow rate of the outlet water. Impact, thus solving the problem of hot and cold water temperature during bathing. When the cold and hot water inlet pressure, temperature or outlet flow rate changes, the outlet water temperature changes within ±2°C. 2, anti-scald and anti-cold-excited: thermostatic mixing valve with anti-scald and anti-cold function, in the bathing process, when the sudden interruption of cold water, the thermostatic mixing valve can automatically shut off the hot water within seconds, from Anti-scald safety protection; When the hot water is suddenly interrupted, the thermostati

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    How to buy the right size of ceramic tiles for project

    Tiles, like any aspect of design, are a totally individual choice. What I may love, you may think is awful and you might adore something I wouldn`t particularly focus in my own home. Actually, different tile sizes could impact the overall appearance of a space and can either enhance the design and feel you were going for, or even diminish your purpose. Many people even confuse which size of tile can be used in outside floor tile so that combine the natural elements. Vision First, we also find many sizes of tiles. You should measure the space where the tile will be installed. Second, before you decide on the size of the tile, you`ll need to understand the overall design and feel of your new space. Usually, the larger tiles could make the space cleaner and more expand. Compared with the larger tiles, the smaller tiles have more grout lines which make the space looks smaller and crowded. Therefore, If you hope expand the space, you could choose the large tile. For an example, if you choose living room wall decor tiles, floor does best with larger tiles to open and expand the space. Large size of 1800×900mm and continuous patterns throughout the tile make the space majestic and luxurious.

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    2021 Year Foshan Tanzhou Ceramic Fair

    Guangdong (Tanzhou) International Convention&Exhibition Center Exhibition time: July 20 - July 24 Sponsor:Foshan taolian Technology Development Co., Ltd Exhibition hall: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 Exhibition introduction: the exhibition covers an area of 120000m ², Ten professional theme pavilions are set up to attract nearly 300 famous brands at home and abroad. The number of visitors during the exhibition is 116815. It is the largest international professional ceramic exhibition in Asia and the second largest in the world. It is known as the "wind vane of ceramic industry". The first exhibition of rock plate industry and new ceramic materials should open up the whole industrial chain of rock plate, graphene heating brick, granite, natural stone, landscape brick, foam ceramic, permeable brick,ceramic tiles,porcelain tiles and other products.

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    CASTEL:Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Sanitary Ware Supplier

    CASTEL-Beyond your imagination! Welcome to the leading building material manufacturer in China. We are a professional comprehensive enterprise with production, research, development and marketing of ceramic tiles and sanitary ware. This can offer One-stop building materials service for customer. Castel Ceramic was founded in Foshan City, China in 2008. The production base is located in Foshan, a famous ceramic production base in China. We have advanced automatic-production equipment, testing center, scientific management, first-class designers and good service team. We use high quality raw materials and Spanish quality glaze. We always adhere to comprehensive and high standard quality standards and implementation standards, strictly implement the international unified and strict EU testing standards and green ecological environmental protection certification. That`s the reason of winning the high reputation of Castel in the market. We can supply variety of products: Soluble salt, Double loading, Porcelain flooring tiles, Glazed polished tiles, Bathroom wall tiles, Mosaic tiles, Cultural stone and Rustic tiles with wide range size of 60x60,30x60,30*30,40x80,80x80,50x100,100x100 ,30x80,120x120,15*90,20*120,75x150,90x180 ,120*240etc

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    How to identify the quality of ceramic tiles

    As we all know, ceramic tiles is a commonly used material in decoration. But now there are many tile brands in the market, and the quality is very different. Therefore, it is necessary to know about the company and baisic information of tiles before purchasing. Castel ceramic is a professional ceramic tiles manufacturer in Foshan,China, We have many beautiful design tiles with wide range of size. So what is the quality of Castel ceramic tiles ? How can we select high-quality, desirable ceramic tiles? This makes it impossible for consumers to start buying. But don't worry, if you are interested in Castel ceramic tile, you may wish to follow me to learn about the relevant knowledge of Castel ceramic tile! Castel Ceramics---company introduction Castel cerammic as a professional ceramic tile producer, we are in striict with the quality of the products.

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    2160 Cartons Porcelain Tiles Export to Khartoum, SUDAN

    On 6th July, 5X20 GP container glazed polished porcelain tiles export to Khartoum, Sudan, total 1440 cartons 1000*1000mm and 720 cartons 1200*1200mm tiles. SUDAN as a third largest country in Africa ,which is located in northeast Africa, along the Red Sea and at the eastern end of the Sahara desert. Polished surface with marble texture and 80*80cm, 60*60cm,100*100cm,60*120cm and 120*120cm is very popular in the market. Castel, as a professional manufacturer of ceramic tiles more than 13 years, we can supply different style and wide range of tiles including 30*60cm,60*60cm,80*80cm,40*80cm,50*100cm,100*100cm,60*120cm,120*120cm,75*150cm,90*180cm and 120*260cm etc. If you have any interested in our products, you can feel free to contact with us as following: Email:

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    2021 New Products Release: 100x100cm Sapphires series

    Castel-Beyond your imagination ! June,20th,2021,Castel develop a new products with size of 100x100 and 60x120,inspired by the natural agate. The details of this new item is as following: Description: Glazed polished porcelain tiles Size: 100x100 / 50x100 / 60*120 cm Finishing: Glossy Usage: residential/commercial wall or floor This design can bring your a confortable and warm living sapce, which can widely used in living room, bathroom and other commercial area. If you like our new design, you can feel free to contact with us as following: Boyka Lan ( Mp: 0086-15118793516) Welcome to your inquiry!

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    Sanitary ware Ceramic Toliet export to MEXICO

    On 25th May, 2x40 GP container ceramic one-piece toliet export to mexico, total 704 pieces of bathroom ceramic toliet. Thanks for the support from my mexico customer, and also thanks my colleague to loading the contianer in the so hot summer season.

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