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Castel |Big Size Full body Ceramic Marble Tile


Looking at the development of Ceramic Tiles in recent years, with its more realistic decorative effect and superior performance, all-round marble ceramic tiles are constantly sought after by consumers and become a star category in the ceramic tile industry. The decoration market has a good prospect.
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Castel ceramics, which has a faster layout, is focusing on positioning higher-end all-in-one large-scale categories. All-in-one large-scale ceramic tiles have become a new favorite in today's ceramic tile industry because they are more in line with the light luxury style pursued by high-end people. Castel, as the forerunner of all-in-one marble tiles, took advantage of the trend and invested heavily in the transformation of the production line, becoming one of the enterprises with the ability to independently produce "all-in-one large-size tiles".

Castel ceramic's advanced productivity has brought a breakthrough in large-scale ceramic tiles and improved the overall performance. Castel's large-scale ceramic tiles 1000X1000mm and 600x1200mm have created a leading core technology and redefined the reduction degree, texture luster, texture level and brick hardness of marble! And truly create a "whole world" of ceramic tiles belonging to Castel.

Marble Porcelain Tile

Compared with the new generation of full body large-size ceramic tile technology, it is not only inherited, but also surpassed, and even revolutionary progress. Full body large-size ceramic tiles have unique materials and colors, more realistic textures, more wear-resistant products, more consistent inside and outside, full body big world and shocking space.

For hundreds of millions of years, nature has achieved the unique characteristics of stone, and the application of natural color difference of stone has been widely used in foreign ceramic industry. The beauty of natural true color difference of stone is considered to be the highest beauty of artistic change in nature. The natural color difference gives the space decoration the style level aesthetic feeling closest to nature. The use of natural color difference on ceramic tiles makes the space no longer single, rigid, boring and boring. The natural color difference shows the personality and attitude of spatial style. Therefore, the most real and natural is the best.

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The texture of natural stone is high-definition and natural, and can not be copied. A good all-round marble product should have a better sense of texture level, and should also have a stone n-face design. The texture will not be repeated within a certain range, and can be extended in many aspects, just like natural stone; Some brands have no multi-faceted design, and the texture is repeated after paving, so the decorative beauty is "greatly reduced".

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Natural stone can achieve the effect of true whole body and no trace of inverted edge in paving. If you want to restore the effect of natural stone 100%, large specification is also an important standard to test high-end marble tiles. Some brands can only achieve 800 * 800 or 900 * 900, while pioneer whole body marble can achieve 1000 * 1000 and 600 * 1200mm real whole body large specification tiles.

With the progress of technology, high-quality marble tiles can restore the texture of natural marble. In practical application, they can still maintain the consistent pattern from the surface to the inside, and the processing effect is the same as that of natural stone.

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